"Very Affordable. I'm Just Very, Very Satisfied"

"It's an awesome job. I couldn't have asked for anything more. Everything, how quick it was, how clean they were ... They were very clean with everything they did. He helped us pick out the grout. I didn't know where to go, in that direction. He helped us with that, and I couldn't be ... very affordable. I'm just very, very satisfied."

Who chose the color of the porcelain?

"We actually had the tile picked out ahead of time. I wasn't quite all the way sure with how we were going to do it. I had something in my head, but he came over and gave me better ideas and I'm so happy with the way it turned out."

What about that design in the middle, Was that Gesiel's idea?

"Yes it was. I was going to go a little bit smaller, but I'm so glad it went bigger because smaller would have ... I don't even think you would have noticed it so much. I'm very glad about that. I love the way they put the shelves on. They finished so quickly that we didn't even have the fixtures purchased yet, to have them be put on, so that's our fault. Even better."

Was the job finished on time, the way you expected?

"It was finished before I thought it was going to be finished. I thought we were going to have the weekend to pick out these fixtures, but he called me at lunchtime today and said he was going to be done. Ahead of time, good price, great workmanship. I love the very, very small grout lines. The attention to detail was excellent.

Ms. Tara About Gesiel

"He looks young. He's very professional. He kept me informed all the time. He walks you through the process, because I've never really done any kind of home improvements, and he showed me, I think, good ideas, to make it done. I would trust him, no problem. He definitely has the experience, and to be a good project manager, and run the thing smoothly. He's very confident, too, which is a good trait to have. He's very confident."

Ms. Tara
Boca Raton, FL


It's An Awesome Job. I Couldn't Have Asked For Anything More.

Gesiel And Mr. Randy

He Came Over And Gave Me Better Ideas And I'm So Happy With The Way It Turned Out.

Gesiel And Ms. Tara

Ahead Of Time, Good Price, Great Workmanship. I Love The Very, Very Small Grout Lines. The Attention To Detail Was Excellent.

"The Job That These Guys Did Was Great"

"The job that these guys did was great. Everything was done exactly how I requested it. All we showed up on time every day. Cleaned up at night when they left. It was great. We didn't have any problems which were perfect and the work was done very well.

I find him to be very mature, very responsible. You don't let somebody into your house unless you feel like there's a certain level of trust that you can let the person in the house and do the work and so on and so forth. So all of them stakes were there. None of it was a problem, but the most important thing was that he did everything he said he was going to do. That's what I liked besides the quality of the work that was the employment part."

Was It Affordable To Complete This Project?

"absolutely. Anybody who looks to a work like this to be done, shops around and I spoke to a lot of different people and chose them. So it was a very reasonable price and then even considering the quality of the work that was done there is a difference between price and value. So the price was good, the value was even better."

Mr. Scott
Boca Raton, FL


The Job That These Guys Did Was Great. Everything Was Done Exactly How I Requested It.

Mr. Scott And Gesiel

I Find Him To Be Very Mature, Very Responsible.

"Was Just Amazing. It Just Came Out Better Than Expected"

"So Gesiel came highly recommended from a very close friend and co-worker of my wife's. But it's always scary when you're venturing into a big job like this. So we had, as he said, over 1200 square feet of tile that we had to demo, which was amazing because it only took one day to demo the tile. And my wife and I were both very concerned about the dust that was going to infiltrate the house. And I will tell you, it was at a minimum. They did a great job of masking off everything that they could. And while it was noisy, and there was some dust, it did not infiltrate the entire house, so we were very happy about that. In addition to the 1200 square feet of tile, they also renovated our bathroom, full bathroom, shower, which I'm sure you'll see in a minute, was just amazing. It just came out better than expected."

Mr. Ron About Remove The Tile And Put Wood Look Plank In

"I will tell you, from the consumer's perspective, it was very reasonable. And if it was too expensive, obviously, we would have reconsidered. We did spend a lot of money, I think, on the tile itself, and I'm glad that we did because it certainly is an awesome looking product. I know it's going to hold up for many, many years. But as far as the cost goes, no, I received many, many estimates, as most people will do, but the fact that Gesiel was very competitive, as well as highly recommended from again, this friend and co-worker of my wife's. We were extremely happy with the price and like I say, I don't think we would want to do it any other way at this point."

Mr. Ron About The Finished Result

"That's the look we wanted because really, there were multiple different floors in here. The living room had a dark plank tile, and this was the original builder's tile, the 16 x 16. So you had a lot of different looks when you first walked in. And now you walk in, and you see this light, beautiful, wood plank floor. It just looks amazing.

We're so happy with the work. They stuck right to the timeline. The demo, he told me it would take one day, the demo took one day. Everything was clean. They came back the next day and started the tile, and we were all done within what, five days, or six days? And we threw a little curve. Originally we were going to be done in five days, but we through a little curve and decided to do the bathroom. So that was not on the original scope of work. But it was certainly worth it. So it was a week, but it was great, and never had any second thoughts about giving Gesiel and his team, the crew, access to the house. They were most of the time, we were not home. Extremely trustworthy, very careful with the home and cleaning up after themselves. There's no mess. I didn't have any of that to deal with. So it really couldn't have been any better of an experience."

Mr. Ron
Lake Worth, FL


Was Just Amazing. It Just Came Out Better Than Expected.

I Received Many, Many Estimates, As Most People Will Do, But The Fact That Gesiel Was Very Competitive, As Well As Highly Recommended.

Extremely Trustworthy, Very Careful With The Home And Cleaning Up After Themselves. There's No Mess. I Didn't Have Any Of That To Deal With. So It Really Couldn't Have Been Any Better Of An Experience.

Mr. Ron And Gesiel

"He Did a Beautiful Job"

"Hi, I'm Louise. I'm a customer now of Gesiel and I will be calling him back for several other jobs in my house. I just purchased my home and I looked on the internet for someone to do the work, and his website caught my eye. And so I interviewed him and he seemed like he was the way to go. And so I had this beautiful, it's porcelain, looks like marble but it's porcelain, 24-inch square. And he did a beautiful job. Every tile fits perfectly. I wanted as little grout as possible and he was very accommodating in that area."

Are You Proud Of Choosing Gesiel's Style?

"I definitely am. And as I said in the beginning, I will be calling him back for at least three more bathrooms, which are on the other level. He's neat, he's fast. I hired him, he came and looked at the whole house, told me what to expect as far as time goes. And he stuck to that timeframe. I believe he began on a Monday and here it is Saturday, we're done. Totally done. Cleaned up, everything.

He did a fine job. My home was freshly painted before he began, and if I didn't want to change the color I wouldn't have to. Everything is perfect. My half bath on this level was also done. And he removed the toilet, and I bought a new one and he replaced my new toilet as you can see. He did a beautiful job.

His crew shows up on time, they're here all day, they're not fooling around, and that's something that you don't find all over so I definitely ACIS Tile for any of your needs concerning tile flooring.

Ms. Louise About Gesiel

"I agree with that he does look very young, and maybe he is very young, but he's definitely got the craft down pat. He's excellent in what he does."

Ms. Louise
Boca Raton, FL


He Did A Beautiful Job. Every Tile Fits Perfectly.

He's Definitely Got The Craft Down Pat. He's Excellent In What He Does.

Ms. Vivian, Gesiel And Ms. Louise

"I Would Recommend Them To Anybody"

"My wife and I found Gesiel's company on Craigslist. I had to do our due diligence, we looked at a few companies, talked to quite a few, got a really good feeling right out of that with Gesiel, he was very knowledgeable. He knew the business well which is very comforting to both my wife and I. We established a timeline right away. He was able to come out as soon as we were available to look at the house and give us an estimate and then we established a timeline for the work to be done and we finished ahead of schedule. Very, very little, I would say no waste at all.

The crew was very good. There are usually four guys at the minimum here working every day. They were here eight o'clock in the morning, they were here until five o'clock in the evening. They got it done, they got us done ahead of schedule, no waste, it looks fantastic, very detailed.

They gave us some advice on the grout color and grout width which was very helpful. I think it turned out wonderfully, we had some tricky transition between rooms because the house was kind of old and had a variety of different floorings, they were able to basically make a seamless floor throughout the entire house look beautiful. They offered to help us move stuff, it was great, fantastic. I would recommend them to anybody."

Happy Client
Pompano beach, FL


Was Just Amazing. It Just Came Out Better Than Expected.

Mr. Happy Client And Gesiel

It Was Great, Fantastic. I Would Recommend Them To Anybody.

"I Highly Recommend These Guys"

"I highly recommend these guys, GB Tile did a great job. I really love the quality, they are friendly the whole way and they took really good care of me and they got this work top-notch, thank you!"

Mr. John


GB Tile Did A Great Job. I Really Love The Quality

Braga And Mr. John

They Got This Work Top-Notch

"We Were Really Happy With The Result"

"You guys did a great job, You're were recommended by somebody else who said you guys did a great job. So we decide to give you guys a shot, and you guys were fast, did a great work. We were really happy with the result."

Mr. Andrew


You Guys Did A Great Job

Ms. Katlin, Mr. Andrew And Braga

You Guys Were Fast, Did A Great Work.

"Everything Looks Spectacular!"

"I think the workmanship is wonderful you can see the floor that was done and the bathroom everything looks spectacular!"

Mr. Mitch


The Workmanship Is Wonderful

Mr. Mitch And Braga

"Doing An Excellent Job"

"One thing that helps is: respectful, hardworking, loyal. Doing an excellent job. Throw your money his way. Thank you very much, I appreciate it."

Mr. Mitchell


Respectful, Hardworking, Loyal.

Mr. Mitchell