Travertine Flooring Versus Porcelain Tile

Travertine - A More Sophisticated Flooring

Travertine flooring is a type of stone flooring which is made with natural sedimentary rock from limestone; unlike porcelain tiles. It is more commonly called onyx marble or Egyptian alabaster. Travertine is formed when minerals in the ground are disintergrated in the ground water, which is forced to the surface by natural springs, rivers, and even pushed above ground from geysers.

Durability Of Travertine Is Longer Than Porcelain

When limestone is pressurized it becomes travertine, which is one step under becoming marble. As a matter of fact Travertine flooring tiles look very similar to expensive marble tiles. Manufactures cut the travertine into floor tiles, then polish, and finish them. The finished Travertine flooring tiles have a measure of hardness of 3 or 4 rating, which makes them more durable. This makes them much better to use than porcelain tiles.

Travertine Can Be Used in Floor, Walls and as an Countertop

Travertine flooring tiles were first used by the Romans for very high traffic areas in their homes and other public buildings. However, in today's high tech society it is also used on counter tops and wall coverings, as well as showers.

You Can Find Travertine in Many Colors

Travertine flooring tiles are becoming increasingly popular. People that have seen a home designed with Travertine are asking their local home improvement store to order different types of Travertine tiles; since they can come from the manufacturer in black, beige, white, gold, and rustic reds, as well as many other colors.

Travertine Is a Plus In the Real Estate Market

Although porcelain tiles look very good, however, a Travertine flooring tile adds that marble look to your home, and is much more fashionable. Because of this marble look Travertine flooring adds a great deal of market value on the real estate market. With the look of marble in your home can you imagine what sort of changes you could make if you remodeled your current home with Travertine flooring.

Make a Decision To Have Travertine Installed in Your Home, You'll Not Regret

Because Travertine is not very expensive, home building contractors are beginning to use Travertine much more than ever before because of the increase in a finished homes value. If you have never seen Travertine flooring you should drive to your local home improvement store and take a look at the difference between Travertine flooring versus porcelain tiles.


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